Monday, 20 October 2008

Making an Investment

I was gathering info to write my next article on Investment and came across CPF website on this topic where they even have comic version on how to diversify your investment! Wow! I feel sorry for what many people had missed by not visiting CPF website regularly. It already have a whole mountain of gold to dig with many information that will affect our way of investment regardless in Property or Equity Markets.

CPF recently also launch a new website call IM$avvy where you do a quick test to see how your financial knowledge measures up, ask Dr $avvy on every thing you always want to know about personal finance and most importantly you can find the latest news on personal finances and CPF saving.

This will be the most regular website that I will visit from now on!

1 comment:

Wai Loong said...

I noticed IM$avvy too. Will be checking that out, thanks!

Good Investing!


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