Monday, 20 October 2008

Making an Investment

I was gathering info to write my next article on Investment and came across CPF website on this topic where they even have comic version on how to diversify your investment! Wow! I feel sorry for what many people had missed by not visiting CPF website regularly. It already have a whole mountain of gold to dig with many information that will affect our way of investment regardless in Property or Equity Markets.

CPF recently also launch a new website call IM$avvy where you do a quick test to see how your financial knowledge measures up, ask Dr $avvy on every thing you always want to know about personal finance and most importantly you can find the latest news on personal finances and CPF saving.

This will be the most regular website that I will visit from now on!

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Is Asian Market attractive?

Asian Market falls much more than the US market during this financial crisis. Is there a real problem in Asian Market? Is Asian Market still attractive? I am a fan of ASIAN and Emerging market and my personal portfolio suffer a big drop but I'm holding on and in fact buying more slowly using one of my good friend Wayne Koh's recommended method - Drip In Money commonly know as Dollar Cost Averaging.

Found the following Good Read to support my views:

Asian Financials Are Not in a Structural Crisis - Comments From Fullerton Fund Management"We see attractive opportunities emerging amongst Asian financial stocks and we believe that over time, the share prices of quality Asian financials would recover and provide attractive returns," says Choo Jee Meng, Senior Vice President of Fullerton Fund Management.

Full Article can be found on:

Monday, 6 October 2008

My Recommended List of Credit Cards

If there are only 2 Credit Cards you wish put in your wallet, these are the two:

1. Best Credit Card for Home use - POSB Everyday Mastercard

This card give 1% rebate for your SP Services Utilities and StarHub Bills. My total expenses for these two bills add up to around $600 per month and that is $6 saving which I can use this rebate to exchange for daily necessities at Watson e.g. Toiletries.

If you like to visit Carrefour, this card will give you 5% rebate on your purchase too! This card also entitle to all DBS card promotion e.g. Dining, so I do not own any DBS credit card which is a duplicate.

For more detail of Rebate Structure, click below:

2. Best Credit Card for Petrol and Dining- Citibank Dividend Platinum Mastercard

This card offer 5% rebate on top of any on-site discount and you can use it with any petrol station company so you only need to hold one card. Please read my blog on Best Credit Card Discount for Petrol.

On top of that, this card offer at least 2% rebate on any dining expenses except food & beverage spend withing hotels and wedding banquets held in hotels.

Best part of this card is you will also earn 0.5% cash back on all your other purchases. That's on
top of the exclusive discounts and privileges you'll already enjoy as a
Citibank credit cardmember.

For more detail of Cashback Structure, click below:

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Best Credit Card Discount for Petrol

Today, I came across a website - Petrolwatch Singapore which I think is very useful to save some dollar in your Petrol by using the right Credit Card. I have posted my comment as follows:

"I am a long time user and also a hardcore user of Citibank Dividend Platinum Mastercard. I strongly recommend this card if you pump ExxonMobile petrol. I notice many have question on the extra 3% rebate, it is true because it is reflecting in my bank statement monthly. I do not know how the total discount of 12.6% come about but according to my own calculation, it should be 13% from 5% on site discount + 5% rebate + 3% extra rebate. Not to forget that with ExxonMobile SMILE card, every 300 Smiles Point can redeem $10 worth of petrol but I strongly suggest that you accumulate up to 750 Smile Point to redeem $30 worth of petrol instead! Now add up all the benefit and don't you agree this is good value? Visit my blog @ for more detail on this card. "


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