Friday, 29 May 2009

TEA ENG PENG (郑永平)Inteviewed by 《财经追击》

Hi All,

Please keep a look out on the interview of me with 《财经追击》under the programme call "Financial Planning 101".

1st Telecast 29th May 2009 (Fri) 9:30pm Ch U

2nd Telecast 1st June 2009 (Sun) 11:30pm Ch U

Will keep you posted on the follow up telecast if any. Cheers!

Follow up this week they will touch on fresh grads n CPF topic.

So please look out for my interview in their programme this week.

1st Telecast 05th Jun(Fri) 9:30pm Ch U

2ndTelecast 7th Jun(Sun) 11:30pm Ch U

Other Telecast Time:

12thJun(Fri) 9:30pm Ch U

14thJun(Sun) 11:30pm Ch U - Repeat

19thJun(Fri) 9:30pm Ch U

21thJun(Sun) 11:30pm Ch U - Repeat

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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

What you need to know about your CPF Part 2

I have found a video from CPF Website - IM$avvy on the subject "Optimising CPF" which is very comprehensive and I personally benefit from it too as it is with visual aid.

There are so much one need to know about their CPF yet too little time was spent to understand it. Thus I strongly recommend my reader to view this video before engaging any Financial Adviser for advice. It will save both your time and money in your financial planning.

Click here to Watch it! (Best view with Internet Explorer or you might need to download a player)

The video is about 1 hour long but it is definitely worth your time! It is modular too, so you can view part by part.

If you have no time to invest in yourself, the price you need to pay later might be higher for not viewing it!

P.S. Please drop me a note if the link is no longer valid and I shall remove this post. So please view it before it is gone!

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Thursday, 14 May 2009

CNBC Interview with Sani Hamid of Financial Alliance Pte Ltd

Sani Hamid is a Director, Wealth Management (Economy and Market Strategy) of Financial Alliance Pte Ltd and is also a good friend of mine. I am proud to present some of his interviews with CNBC that I managed to find from the internet to my readers. You can also google his name to find out more about him.

Get Into These Hot Funds - Sani Hamid (28 Apr 2009)

Worst May Be Over - Sani Hamid (13 Apr 2009)

Investment Strategy - Sani Hamid (30 Mar 2009)

Buy Financials - Sani Hamid (05 Mar 2009)

Stocks to Pick Up by Year-End - Sani Hamid (02 Jan 2009)

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Comment from Reader

Recently I receive the following email from one of my reader and it motivate me to squeeze out some time to continue blogging despite of my busy schedule:

"Hi Tea,

Thank you! Your email had been great help to me.

I got to know your blog while I google for “term insurance”.

Please continue to update more on your type of insurance… your website is easier to understand than most of the others."

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Sunday, 3 May 2009

FREE Financial Calculation Tools Online

Recently I have found a website that provide FREE Financial Calculation Tools Online which I feel compelling to post in my blog. I am very impress because it is graphic intensive with drag and drop feature, yet very fast processing time. You got to try it to believe.

I strongly encourage all my reader to try it out before it is no longer FREE!

The website is as follows:

The links to the tools are as follows:

1. Wealth Manager
2. Prosperity Planner
3. Risk Planner

This website offer the above types of Financial Calculation Tools for your simulation and the best part is you do not even need to register as a user in order to use! Absolutely FREE with no gimmicks that I know of at this moment...perhaps they might start charging once they have enough user, so don't wait. Try now while is still FREE!

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