Saturday, 4 October 2008

Best Credit Card Discount for Petrol

Today, I came across a website - Petrolwatch Singapore which I think is very useful to save some dollar in your Petrol by using the right Credit Card. I have posted my comment as follows:

"I am a long time user and also a hardcore user of Citibank Dividend Platinum Mastercard. I strongly recommend this card if you pump ExxonMobile petrol. I notice many have question on the extra 3% rebate, it is true because it is reflecting in my bank statement monthly. I do not know how the total discount of 12.6% come about but according to my own calculation, it should be 13% from 5% on site discount + 5% rebate + 3% extra rebate. Not to forget that with ExxonMobile SMILE card, every 300 Smiles Point can redeem $10 worth of petrol but I strongly suggest that you accumulate up to 750 Smile Point to redeem $30 worth of petrol instead! Now add up all the benefit and don't you agree this is good value? Visit my blog @ for more detail on this card. "

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